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The online courses with OnglesDW provide you with unlimited, LIFETIME access! This means you can go back and refresh your memory anytime, as many times as you need. Furthermore, this professional certification is available 24/7, from anywhere!

So, say goodbye to the stress of completing your training in a 3-day intensive session, surrounded by many people in a public setting. Instead, embrace the opportunity to follow your training 100% at your own pace, according to your schedule, and without any pressure. Additionally, upon enrollment, a kit of professional products will be DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOU.

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Our Mission At The Academy

Welcome to OnglesDW Academy, where our mission is to make a nail tech career accessible to all passionate individuals. Our online courses feature flexible payment plans and competitive prices for enrollment, ensuring affordability. We provide professional products with every course, delivered within 2-5 days at no extra cost. Learning with us is simple, fun, and adaptable to your busy schedule, offering lifetime access from anywhere, anytime.

At OnglesDW, we handle everything after enrollment: pre-created courses, a comprehensive PDF manual, timely delivery of professional products, homework correction, progress assistance, and marketing support. Upon completion, you'll receive a professional nail tech certification, empowering you to work in salons, obtain insurance, and access products reserved for professionals. Enroll with us, and let us guide you towards a successful nail tech career.

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The One Technician, 3 Courses bundle gives you access to both professional nail technician certifications in both techniques: Dip Powder and Soft Gel extensions, the Complete Clientele Bootcamp AND the Dare Nails Professional Art Gel Collection of your choice! All of this for a very good enrolment price! **All our courses are eligible for a payment plan.

The online professional certification will help you launch your nail technician career quickly!

Let us teach you optimally, without stress and from the comfort of your home, so you can focus solely on YOUR BUSINESS AND SUCCESS!

Become a Nail Tech
  • Client Care

    We will explore how to effectively engage and educate our clients in nail care, establishing a professional relationship with them.

  • Professional Application

    Learn how to deliver high-quality professional nail services to your clients, ensuring their satisfaction and encouraging repeat business!

  • Attracting Clients

    Throughout the course, you'll acquire the skills to execute strategic social media marketing, drawing in paying clients who will become long-term patrons of your business.

What Students Say About The Courses

How The Professional Courses Work


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the soft gel extension course curriculum?

1. Introduction

- Presenter and Course Overview (3:32)

The Profession of Nail Technician (6:51)

What to Expect in This Course (6:29)

2. Anatomy

Essential Manual for American Gel Nail Application

Hand Anatomy (1:48)

Skin Anatomy (1:14)

Nail Anatomy (4:53)

Nail Growth (1:40)

Recap Quiz

3. Hygiene, Safety, and Nail Pathologies

Cleaning (3:41)

Disinfection (2:12)

Sterilization (5:01)

Workplace Safety (4:48)

Nail Anomalies and Disorders (3:31)

Recap Quiz (0:31)

4. Equipment

Required Equipment (11:03)

Product and Tool Presentation (1:26)

Product Maintenance (7:21)

Recap Quiz

5. Preparation and Natural Nails

Workspace Preparation (4:38)

Hand and Finger Positioning (5:09)

Non-Electric File Preparation (3:56)

Types of Natural Nails (2:31)

Natural Nail Repair (3:13)

Recap Quiz

6. Dry Manicure

What is a Dry Manicure? (1:51)

Electric File Introduction and Features (7:10)

Bit Presentation (1:20)

Natural Nail Preparation with Electric File (7:13)

Cuticle Work (1:42)

7. Gel tips

Types of gel tips and Their Apex (1:56)

Apex Presentation and Functions (2:49)

Adapting gel tips to Natural Nail Curves (0:53)

Choosing the Right gel tip Sizes (1:42)

8. Color Preparation

Gel tip Preparation (2:38)

Preparing for gel tip Application (4:44)

Gel Tip Application (3:17)

Creating Different Shapes (2:49)

Color Preparation (10:07)

Letting Natural Nails Grow? (1:44)

Overlay on Natural Nails (2:50)

9. Perfect Color Application

Gel Polish Introduction (1:09)

Color Application and Tips (3:12)

Detailed and Durable Finish (2:48)

10. Comprehensive Recap

Full Application Demonstration (12:04)

Step-by-Step Reminder

Recap Quiz

11. Fills

What to Know About Filling (2:43)

Fill Preparation (5:59)

Practical Fill Demonstration (4:41)

12. Nail Removal

Nail Dissolution (3:43)

Acetone Disposal (2:11)

Recap Quiz

Assignment 1

13. Professional Ethics

Professional Image (13:29)

Professional Client Reception (2:58)

Maintaining Conversations with Clients (3:58)

Customer Care from Start to Finish (4:30)

Policies (7:13)

Being a Technician in a Salon or at Home (6:52)

14. Gel Polish Art

Applying Chrome/Holographic Powder (2:02)

Lines and Curves (4:02)

Gradient (3:52)

Marbling and Gold Leaf (3:52)

Assignment 2

15. French Manicure

French Manicure Techniques (2:52)

Inlays (2:18)

3D Charms (2:28)

Nail Stickers (1:52)

Venturing into High-Level Nail Art (0:33)

Assignment 3

16. Assessments

Final Exams Overview (0:46)

Theoretical Evaluation

Practical Evaluation

Phone Consultation (1:00)

17. Tips and Conclusion

Steps and Tips to Start Your Business (12:28)

Setting Prices (4:42)

Marketing to Quickly Attract Clients (8:52)

Conclusion and Congratulations (1:18)

What is the curriculum for the professional dip powder course?

Module 1: Introduction

1.1 Presenter and Course Overview (3:10)

1.2 Nail Technician Profession (4:53)

1.3 What to Expect in this Course (7:12)

Module 2: Anatomy

2.1 Essential Manual for a Dip Powder Nail Technician

2.2 Hand Anatomy (1:23)

2.3 Skin Anatomy (1:24)

2.4 Nail Anatomy (7:56)

2.5 Nail Growth (4:09)

2.6 Recap Quiz

Module 3: Hygiene, Safety, and Pathologies in Nail Application

3.1 Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization (18:12)

3.2 Workplace Safety (11:08)

3.3 Nail Anomalies and Diseases (10:23)

3.4 Recap Quiz (0:31)

Module 4: Equipment

4.1 Equipment to Acquire (9:20)

4.2 Product Presentation (4:04)

4.3 Product Maintenance (8:25)

4.4 Recap Quiz

Module 5: Preparation and Natural Nails

5.1 Workspace Preparation (6:56)

5.2 Hand and Finger Positioning (4:24)

5.3 Steps of Filing (5:30)

5.4 Natural Nail Preparation (5:27)

5.5 Types of Natural Nails (5:11)

5.6 Cuticle Work (4:35)

5.7 Natural Nail Repair (1:37)

5.8 Electric Filing (6:08)

5.9 Recap Quiz

Module 6: Nail Tips and Forms

6.1 Types of Nail Tips (3:46)

6.2 Nail Tips Application (2:04)

6.3 Nail Tips Preparation (1:03)

6.4 Different Shapes (12:27)

6.5 Letting Natural Nails Grow (0:49)

Module 7: Color Application

7.1 Products for Application (1:02)

7.2 Color Application (4:21)

Module 8: Encapsulation and Creating an Apex

8.1 Apex Presentation (3:00)

8.2 Resin and Dip Powder Construction Method (5:41)

8.3 Practical Application Demonstration (5:58)

8.4 Recap Quiz

Module 9: Finishing

9.1 Final Filing (2:06)

9.2 Polishing (0:33)

9.3 Finishing Touches (7:18)

Module 10: Nail Removal

10.1 Nail Melting (5:52)

10.2 Acetone Disposal (1:55)

10.3 Recap Quiz

Module 11: Assignments

11.1 Assignment 1

11.2 Assignment 2

11.3 Assignment 3

Module 12: Professional Ethics

12.1 Professional Image (4:34)

12.2 Client Care from Start to Finish (12:48)

12.3 Being a Technician in a Salon or at Home (4:01)

Module 13: Essentials of Resin and Dip Powder Decoration

13.1 French Manicure (5:21)

13.2 Gradient (6:41)

13.3 Marble and Gold Leaf (3:53)

13.4 Inlays (2:24)

13.5 Stockings (1:23)

13.6 3D Charms (3:28)

Module 14: Assessments

14.1 Final Exams Overview (1:34)

14.2 Theoretical Assessment

14.3 Practical Assessment

14.4 Phone Appointment

Module 15: Tips and Conclusion

15.1 Tips for Starting Your Business (24:18)

15.2 Conclusion and Congratulations (1:37)

What is Included in the product kit I will receive if I sign up for the gel extension course? 

Every professional course comes with a kit of professional products, shipped directly to you with no additional cost, we cover shipping!


The starter kit includes the following:

Box of 500 gel nail extensions: These gel extensions form a sturdy foundation for the modeling process.

Bonding base: This product serves as the adhesion base, ensuring a robust attachment of the gel nail extensions.

Gel primer: A high-quality preparatory gel used to promote optimal adhesion of the gel.

Nail prep (Dehydrator): Contributes to nail preparation by eliminating moisture, ensuring long-lasting adhesion.

Flash cure lamp: A quick-curing lamp that accelerates the gel curing process during various stages.

Top coat no wipe: A residue-free finishing varnish, guaranteeing a brilliant and professional result.

Flame, Pear, Removal, and Umbrella bits: A diverse range of bits to meet various modeling needs.

Cuticle scissors and metal cuticle pusher: Quality tools for precise cuticle preparation.

Gel removal tool: Facilitates efficient gel removal.

Brush, files, blocks, disposable cuticle pushers: Essential accessories for shaping and finishing.

9mm Elite Tracer Brush: A professional-quality brush for precise gel application.

Two 5ml colored gel polishes: Color options to add a personalized touch to each application.

Chrome powder: Enhance your designs with chrome powder for a metallic finish.

Gold leaf sheets: Elevate your nail art with the elegance of gold leaf.

10 x 100/180 grit files: High-quality files for shaping and refining the nails.

10 polishing blocks: Blocks designed to achieve a smooth and polished nail surface.

10 plastic cuticle pushers: Disposable plastic cuticle pushers for hygienic and precise cuticle work.

This comprehensive and diverse kit, combined with the training provided, forms a thorough package for a successful start in the field of gel nail application, particularly using the renowned Soft Gel Extensions technique. 

All the products in the kit are from the professional nail supply company Dare Nails, created by the course educator at OnglesDW!

What is Included in the product kit I will receive if I sign up for the dip powder course? 

Every professional course comes with a kit of professional products, shipped directly to you with no additional cost, we cover shipping!


500 nail extensions


5-second glue

UV resin


UV lamp

Clear powder

White powder

Glue stand


8 files

8 buffers

8 wooden cuticle pushers

Prosthesis cutter

5 transfer spoons

The products in the kit are from two professional suppliers: 

Dare Nails 

Patricia Lécuyer 

Both are high quality professional Quebec based product lines, tailored for producing high level nail results. 

What are the shipping times to receive my kit?

Professional course kits will be shipped throughout Canada in 2-5 business days.

Shipping to Europe and elsewhere is 7-14 business days.

Can I sign up with a payment plan?

Yes! You can start your professional course with only the first 230$. You will receive full access and all your products right away! Sign up here

How much time will the online course take me?

The professional courses each amount to an average of 25 hours. Some students take 1 week to complete the course. You have all the time you need, as the course is accessible to you as long as it exists.

What is the difference between the the dip powder technique and the soft gel technique?

Both of these professional techniques are popular and very reliable. Some nail techs and clients have a preference. Here are descriptions for each technique and their comparison: 

Dip Powder Technique:

1. Application Process:

Powder Application: Begin with a layer of resin, followed by adhering colored powder to the glue. Layers are built up for desired color intensity and then an apex is created manually with clear powder.

2. Strength:

Durability: Dip powder nails are renowned for their durability, offering a resilient and long-lasting manicure that resists chipping.

3. Variety:

Color Options: Boasting a vast array of colors and finishes, dip powders provide endless possibilities for creative nail designs. Gel polish can also be applied on top to add to the nail art design.

4. Maintenance:

Low Maintenance: Dip powder nails generally require less maintenance than traditional polish, making them suitable for those seeking a lasting manicure.

5. Removal:

Soaking Required: Removing dip powder nails involves soaking in acetone to break down the layers for easier removal. This process will be covered in the course.

Soft Gel Technique (AKA Gel-X):

1. Application Process:

Full Cover Gel Capsules: The soft gel extensions technique employs full cover gel capsules adhered to the natural nails using a Bonding Base gel. This provides a quick and efficient method for extending nail length.

2. Speed and Efficiency:

Time-Saving: Known for its time-saving application process, soft gel extensions are ideal for clients desiring swift nail extensions without compromising durability.

3. Strength and Durability:

Durable Extensions: soft gel extensions exhibit strength and durability, ensuring a resilient and long-lasting manicure.

4. Versatility:

Adaptable: soft gel extensions are versatile, suitable for creating natural-looking extensions or as a base for intricate nail art designs.

5. Removal:

Soak-off Process: Similar to the dip powder technique, soft gel extensions can be removed through a soak-off process with acetone. This process will be covered in the course.

Considerations for Students:

1. Skill Level:

- Dip Powder: Generally considered beginner-friendly. Teaches you to sculpt the nail apex by hand.

- Soft Gel Extensions : Considered simple, but demandes attention to detail.

2. Client Preferences:

- Dip Powder: Prioritizes durability.

- Soft Gel Extensions : Preferred for a natural feel and flexibility, with emphasis on intricate nail art.

3. Removal Process:

- Dip Powder: Requires soaking.

- Soft Gel Extensions: Gentler soak-off process.

4. Artistic Expression:

- Dip Powder: Wide color range.

- Gel-X: Suitable for detailed nail art.

Do the online courses teach me marketing to build a clientele?

The professional courses include marketing sections throughout the modules that will guide you towards creating your social media profiles and start gaining traction and engagement, to build interest in your services before you even graduate!

How much time will I have to complete each course?

All OnglesDW courses offer lifetime access, allowing you to watch them as many times as needed. There is no prescribed order in which you must view your courses. You have the flexibility to commence all courses simultaneously and navigate between them, or opt to complete each course sequentially. Take all the time you require to enhance your skills at your own pace.

Will I receive a certificate for both professional courses if I sign up for the course bundle?

You will receive two professional certificates, one upon the completion of each professional technique.

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