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Welcome to OnglesDW Academy, where our mission is to make a nail tech career accessible to all passionate individuals. Our online courses feature flexible payment plans and competitive prices for enrollment, ensuring affordability. We provide professional products with every course, delivered within 2-5 days at no extra cost. Learning with us is simple, fun, and adaptable to your busy schedule, offering lifetime access from anywhere, anytime.

At OnglesDW, we handle everything after enrollment: pre-created courses, a comprehensive PDF manual, timely delivery of professional products, homework correction, progress assistance, and marketing support. Upon completion, you'll receive a professional nail tech certification, empowering you to work in salons, obtain insurance, and access products reserved for professionals. Enroll with us, and let us guide you towards a successful nail tech career.

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Hi I'm Danaë!

I started in the nail industry at just 17 years old. Over the past 5 years, I have perfected my skills, built my clientele, and discovered various types of nail art! Now, my mission is to share my passion with others and make a dream career in esthetics possible for other passionate individuals!

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Dare Nails, Our Professional Product Line

Dare Nails is a professional product line designed by Danaë. It was created specifically for nail professionals and artists seeking quality products to deliver exceptional nail services and high-level nail art designs!

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