Collection: No Wipe Top Coats


DARE Nails Top Coat Collection - Elevate Your Nail Art with Endless Shine and Matte Elegance

Introducing the DARE Nails Top Coat Collection, where beauty meets brilliance. Elevate your nail artistry with two exceptional top coats that add the perfect finishing touch to your creations.

Velvet Matte Top Coat:

Luxurious Matte Elegance: Our Velvet Matte Top Coat lets you achieve a soft, touchable texture that's both timeless and trendy. Experience the allure of a matte finish that's as luxurious as it is elegant.

60-Second Cure: Say goodbye to long drying times. Our Velvet Matte Top Coat cures in just 60 seconds, ensuring your manicure is ready to flaunt in no time.

Long-Lasting Beauty: This top coat isn't just about beauty; it's about endurance. Enjoy extended wear that keeps your nails looking impeccable day after day.

Crystal No Wipe Top Coat:

Incomparable Shine: DARE Nails Crystal No Wipe Top Coat delivers a radiant, long-lasting shine that rivals precious gems. Your nails will gleam with a mesmerizing luster that captures attention and admiration.

No Wipe Convenience: Skip the hassle of wiping away residue after curing. Our no wipe formula ensures a smooth, glass-like finish without the need for additional steps.

Perfect for Chrome: Whether you're a chrome enthusiast or a seasoned nail professional, this top coat is your go-to choice for sealing in the reflective beauty of chrome nail art.

Elevate your nail artistry to new heights with the DARE Nails Top Coat Collection. Whether you prefer the luxurious matte elegance of our Velvet Matte Top Coat or the enduring brilliance of our Crystal No Wipe Top Coat, these top coats are the finishing touch that sets your nails apart.

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