Collection: Endless Summer

Introducing "Endless Summer," our vibrant collection of Professional Art Gels from 031 to 040. Dive into a palette inspired by the warmth and beauty of the season, where each shade embodies the essence of summer chic.

From the deep and eclectic purple of "Grape (031)" to the vibrant red-pink of "Sunburn (032)," each color in this collection exudes sophistication and boldness. Embrace the radiant fusion of orange and yellow with "Golden Hour (033)," and feel the tranquility of coastal sands with "Salt Water (034)" and the soft sweetness of "Papaya (035)."

Experience the electrifying turquoise of "Lagoon (036)" and the refined elegance of "Dry Martini (037)." Let "Seaside (038)" bring the timeless beauty of beach shores to your nails, followed by the vibrant magenta of "Pomegranate Punch (039)" and the fresh, fluorescent green of "Aloe (040)."

Crafted for durability and brilliance, the "Endless Summer" collection promises to elevate your nail artistry with colors that capture the spirit of the season. Embrace endless possibilities and create captivating manicures that reflect your unique style and vibrant energy throughout the summer and beyond.