Collection: The Initial Dare


Unlock Your Inner Nail Artist: Explore Our Character-Infused Professional Art Gel Polish Collection

Introducing our stunning collection of ten gel nail polishes, each thoughtfully named to celebrate the dynamic qualities and character traits that define the power of a true nail artist. Dive into a world where your nails become the canvas, and your spirit is the inspiration.

001 "Black Swan" - Channel the allure of individuality and strength with this iconic black masterpiece.

002 "Elixir" - Discover the secret potion of timeless beauty in this enchanting hue.

003 "Power Move" - Make a bold statement with every stroke, just as a true artist should.

004 "Legacy" - Leave your artistic legacy with a shade that stands the test of time.

005 "Grace" - Radiate elegance and poise with a touch of pure grace.

006 "Elegance" - Exude elegance and sophistication with this timeless classic, a true symbol of style and grace.

007 "Divine" - Embrace the divine aura of this heavenly shade, capturing the essence of your artistry

008 "Radiate" - Let your inner light shine with a radiant, captivating glow.

009 "Ambition" - Elevate your nail game with the ambition to create stunning works of art.

010 "Pink Blazer" - Make an entrance with the bold confidence of a pink blazer, your nails dressed to impress.

With this remarkable collection, your nails become a canvas to express the qualities and character traits that make you a powerful nail artist. Explore the Dare nails experience, where luxury and artistic expression beautifully collide.