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Dare Nails

Gel Primer

Gel Primer

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Elevate your nail game to professional heights with the DARE Nails Gel Primer - the essential foundation for flawless nails. This 11ml bottle of excellence is designed to prepare your natural nails for a seamless bond with the Bonding Base and tips, ensuring longevity and perfection in every manicure.

Key Features:

  1. Non-Acid Formula: The DARE Nails Gel Primer boasts a non-acid formula that's gentle on your natural nails while still providing unbeatable adhesion. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a safer nail prep process.

  2. Enhanced Adhesion: Acting as the perfect double-sided tape between your natural nails and the Bonding Base, our Gel Primer ensures a secure and long-lasting bond, preventing lifting and ensuring your nail creations stay intact.

  3. 11ml of Excellence: With a generous 11ml size, our Gel Primer provides ample product for multiple applications, making it a must-have addition to your nail care routine.

Application Process:

  1. Nail Prep (Dehydrator): Start by preparing your nails. Use the Nail Prep to dehydrate the nail surface, removing any oils or contaminants that could affect adhesion.

  2. Gel Primer Application: Apply a thin, even layer of the DARE Nails Gel Primer to your natural nails. Allow the primer to air dry, creating the ideal surface for maximum adhesion.

  3. Bonding Base Layer: Following the Gel Primer, apply the DARE Nails Bonding Base as a glue for your soft gel system and a builder gel for added strength and durability. Cure for 30 seconds under your DARE Nails LED lamp.

  4. Tip Application: For professional precision, securely adhere the tips onto the nail using the Bonding Base. Cure the tips under your DARE Nails Flash Cure Lamp.

  5. Blending: After tip application, file down the base of the tip at the cuticle to blend seamlessly with the natural nail.

  6. Sealing Layer: Apply another coat of Bonding Base to seal and reinforce the tip and the natural nail.

  7. Final Cure: Place your nails under a 48W UV-LED lamp and cure for a full 60 seconds to ensure optimal results.

Prepare your nails for perfection with the DARE Nails Gel Primer. With its non-acid formula and unbeatable adhesion, it's the foundation that ensures your nail creations stand the test of time. Whether you're a professional nail technician or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, make the DARE Nails Gel Primer an essential part of your nail care routine.

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Obtain a professional Certificat of completion

Professional Nail Technician Certification

When you complete the course, you will receive a professional nail technician certificate. With this, you can inquire for insurance, work in salons and purchase products exclusively sold to professionals.

The professional course is done 100% online

Learn from the comfort of your home

All professional nail technician courses at the academy are 100% online, available 24/7 and lifetime access. Learn at your own pace and perfect your art in the comfort of your own home.

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Connect With Other Nail Students

When you enroll in the academy, you will be invited to join our OnglesDW Facebook community, so you can meet other nail techs like yourself, have the opportunity to collaborate with others and exchange tips and tricks!

Take A Look Inside The Course!



What is the course curriculum?

Training Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Presenter and Course Overview (3:10)

2. Nail Technician Profession

  • (4:53)

3. What to Expect in this Course

  • (7:12)

4. Anatomy

  • Essential Manual for a Dip Powder Nail Technician
  • Hand Anatomy (1:23)
  • Skin Anatomy (1:24)
  • Nail Anatomy (7:56)
  • Nail Growth (4:09)
  • Recap Quiz

5. Hygiene, Safety, and Pathologies in Nail Application

  • Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization (18:12)
  • Workplace Safety (11:08)
  • Nail Anomalies and Diseases (10:23)
  • Recap Quiz (0:31)

6. Equipment

  • Equipment to Acquire (9:20)
  • Product Presentation (4:04)
  • Product Maintenance (8:25)
  • Recap Quiz

7. Preparation and Natural Nails

  • Workspace Preparation (6:56)
  • Hand and Finger Positioning (4:24)
  • Steps of Filing (5:30)
  • Natural Nail Preparation (5:27)
  • Types of Natural Nails (5:11)
  • Cuticle Work (4:35)
  • Natural Nail Repair (1:37)
  • Electric Filing (6:08)
  • Recap Quiz

8. Prosthetics and Forms

  • Types of Prosthetics (3:46)
  • Prosthetics Application (2:04)
  • Prosthetics Preparation (1:03)
  • Different Shapes (12:27)
  • Letting Natural Nails Grow (0:49)

9. Color Application

  • Products for Application (1:02)
  • Color Application (4:21)

10. Encapsulation and Creating an Apex

  • Apex Presentation (3:00)
  • Resin and Dip Powder Construction Method (5:41)
  • Practical Application Demonstration (5:58)
  • Recap Quiz

11. Finishing

  • Final Filing (2:06)
  • Polishing (0:33)
  • Finishing Touches (7:18)

12. Nail Removal

  • Nail Melting (5:52)
  • Acetone Disposal (1:55)
  • Recap Quiz

13. Assignment 1

14. Professional Ethics

  • Professional Image (4:34)
  • Client Care from Start to Finish (12:48)
  • Being a Technician in a Salon or at Home (4:01)

15. Assignment 2

16. Essentials of Resin and Dip Powder Decoration

  • French Manicure (5:21)
  • Gradient (6:41)
  • Marble and Gold Leaf (3:53)
  • Inlays (2:24)
  • Stockings (1:23)
  • 3D Charms (3:28)

17. Assignment 3

18. Assessments

  • Final Exams Overview (1:34)
  • Theoretical Assessment
  • Practical Assessment
  • Phone Appointment

19. Tips and Conclusion

  • Tips for Starting Your Business (24:18)
  • Conclusion and Congratulations (1:37)

What is Included in the product kit I will receive?

Every professional course comes with a kit of professional products, shipped directly to you with no additional cost, we cover shipping!


  • 500 nail extensions
  • Resin
  • 5-second glue
  • UV resin
  • Catalyst
  • UV lamp
  • Clear powder
  • White powder
  • Glue stand
  • Brush
  • 8 files
  • 8 buffers
  • 8 wooden cuticle pushers
  • Prosthesis cutter
  • 5 transfer spoons

The products in the kit are from two professional suppliers:

  • Dare Nails
  • Patricia Lécuyer

Both are high quality professional Quebec based product lines, tailored for producing high level nail results.

What are the shipping times to receive my kit?

Professional course kits will be shipped throughout Canada in 2-5 business days.

Shipping to Europe and elsewhere is 7-14 business days.

Can I sign up with a payment plan?

How much time will the online course take me?

The professional courses each amount to an average of 25 hours. Some students take 1 week to complete the course. You have all the time you need, as the course is accessible to you as long as it exists.

What is the difference between the the dip powder technique and the soft gel technique?

Both of these professional techniques are popular and very reliable. Some nail techs and clients have a preference. Here are descriptions for each technique and their comparison:

Dip Powder Technique:

1. Application Process:
Powder Application: Begin with a layer of resin, followed by adhering colored powder to the glue. Layers are built up for desired color intensity and then an apex is created manually with clear powder.

2. Strength:
Durability: Dip powder nails are renowned for their durability, offering a resilient and long-lasting manicure that resists chipping.

3. Variety:
Color Options: Boasting a vast array of colors and finishes, dip powders provide endless possibilities for creative nail designs. Gel polish can also be applied on top to add to the nail art design.

4. Maintenance:
Low Maintenance: Dip powder nails generally require less maintenance than traditional polish, making them suitable for those seeking a lasting manicure.

5. Removal:
Soaking Required: Removing dip powder nails involves soaking in acetone to break down the layers for easier removal. This process will be covered in the course.

Soft Gel Technique (AKA Gel-X):

1. Application Process:

Full Cover Gel Capsules: The soft gel extensions technique employs full cover gel capsules adhered to the natural nails using a Bonding Base gel. This provides a quick and efficient method for extending nail length.

2. Speed and Efficiency:

Time-Saving: Known for its time-saving application process, soft gel extensions are ideal for clients desiring swift nail extensions without compromising durability.

3. Strength and Durability:
Durable Extensions: soft gel extensions exhibit strength and durability, ensuring a resilient and long-lasting manicure.

4. Versatility:

Adaptable: soft gel extensions are versatile, suitable for creating natural-looking extensions or as a base for intricate nail art designs.

5. Removal:
Soak-off Process: Similar to the dip powder technique, soft gel extensions can be removed through a soak-off process with acetone. This process will be covered in the course.

Considerations for Students:

1. Skill Level:
- Dip Powder: Generally considered beginner-friendly. Teaches you to sculpt the nail apex by hand.
- Soft Gel Extensions : Considered simple, but demandes attention to detail.

2. Client Preferences:
- Dip Powder: Prioritizes durability.
- Soft Gel Extensions : Preferred for a natural feel and flexibility, with emphasis on intricate nail art.

3. Removal Process:
- Dip Powder: Requires soaking.
- Soft Gel Extensions: Gentler soak-off process.

4. Artistic Expression:
- Dip Powder: Wide color range.
- Gel-X: Suitable for detailed nail art.

Do the online courses teach me marketing to build a clientele?

The professional courses include marketing sections throughout the modules that will guide you towards creating your social media profiles and start gaining traction and engagement, to build interest in your services before you even graduate!

How Do The Professional Courses Work?

What Students Say about The Course

Professional Nail Courses

Bienvenue dans notre Collection de Formations Professionnels en pose d'ongles – la porte d'entrée... 

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The One Technician, 3 Courses bundle gives you access to both professional nail technician certifications in both techniques: Dip Powder and Soft Gel extensions, the Complete Clientele Bootcamp AND the Dare Nails Professional Art Gel Collection of your choice! All of this for a very good enrolment price! **All our courses are eligible for a payment plan.

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